Totara Customization Tips: Tailor-Made Learning


Totara customization makes the e-learning platform even more powerful.
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Totara Learn is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) globally, boasting numerous robust features and unparalleled personalization options. Discover the power of Totara customization to tailor your learning platform precisely to your organization’s unique needs.

What is Totara?

Totara Learn is a robust LMS that empowers organizations to create personalized learning experiences. Serving over 20 million users across 140 countries, it globally ranks among the most popular LMS platforms. Renowned international corporations such as Amazon, Pepsi, Samsung, and Deloitte, along with prestigious universities, rely on Totara to craft effective learning programs for their employees and students.
With Totara, organizations can seamlessly develop courses, programs, certifications, and personalized learning plans. Its versatile software enables users to create engaging learning content and integrate various resources like PDFs, videos, and other materials effortlessly.

Totara’s utility extends beyond just learning; it can also play a role in other aspects such as:

  • onboarding procedures,
  • skill development,
  • company-wide compliance initiatives,
  • performance management,
  • fostering a coaching culture and even more.

Discover Totara customization: tailor your LMS to your needs

Totara, as a customizable LMS, empowers organizations and learners to tailor the platform and learning experience according to their unique requirements. This personalized approach significantly enhances engagement and makes the learning journey far more enjoyable. Here are a few examples of Totara customization.


Totara customization empowers organizations to alter the appearance of the learning platform. You can modify the theme, adjust colors, incorporate your logo, and go even further. Additionally, you can add blocks and modify the front page of the learning platform. Furthermore, you can customize the dashboard and change the user experience of different groups. For example, managers may gain access to their team’s test results and performance.


International organizations often have employees, students, or other members spread across the globe. With learners speaking different languages, employing a one-size-fits-all approach to the learning experience would not be ideal. Totara customization enables you to adjust the language and timezone of your platform to suit various user groups.


Would you like to issue personalized certificates for those who completed a course? With Totara Customization, this is entirely possible. You can personalize these certificates by adding:

  • watermarks,
  • seals,
  • grade information,
  • borders,
  • logos,
  • and personal details.

Customizable User Experience

Totara customization extends to users themselves. They have the ability to modify user settings, such as notifications, messages, preferred language, and basic security settings, to align with their individual needs.
Users can add their own personal learning goals and objectives, ensuring a reliable method for maintaining sky-high levels of motivation for everyone.


You have the option to create personalized navigation menus on the learning platform, which can significantly improve user experience by streamlining navigation and making it more intuitive. Additionally, custom quick-access menus tailored to the needs of different user groups can be created for further convenience.
Utilizing Totara customization allows you to make user tours, which prove incredibly beneficial, especially for those using the platform for the first time.

Competency frameworks

Totara customization allows the creation of competency frameworks. Here’s what Totara has to say about this feature:

After creating competency frameworks, linking competencies to courses, positions and organisations, and linking users to those positions and organisations, administrators can create learning plans which can be automatically populated with those competencies (and associated courses) specific and relevant to what an individual does and where they do it.

Totara LMS customization allows the creation of competency frameworks.

Get Your Personalized E-Learning Platform

Take your organization’s internal training to the next level. Utilize Totara to develop courses that are powerful, enjoyable, and user-friendly. With Totara customization, you can rest assured that the courses will meet your organization’s unique needs. Contact us to discover the perfect e-learning solution for you!

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