We love to deal with everything that is e-learning! For this reason, we are also happy to take on consulting tasks. If you already know what you want but don’t know how to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

We consider it important to stay in a reassuring proximity after introducing systems, preparing learning materials and holding courses – we know that it is always difficult to start something new, so we have expanded our services with a general consulting attitude to support not only implementation but also planning, organization and maintenance. Our goal is continuous progressivity, which requires us to review our work from time to time and keep up with an ever-changing world. We provide our support in the form of monthly availability – what you use your time for within the given package is up to you:






Our internal processes have been thoroughly polished over the years, and we have experienced what knowledge is needed to successfully build an e-learning apparatus. In our courses we examine the 2 basic pillars of e-learning – educational methodology and technology.

We like to see educational events as a workshop and consulting platform – we focus on practice and building a unique e-learning strategy tailored to the specific organizational environment, so that we can transfer our own knowledge to your practical knowledge.

Within the framework of system use and learning material development workshops, our colleagues help to organize the first training sessions, demonstrate the possibilities of using the software, and highlight the most important pedagogical guidelines.

We recommend taking our courses if any of the following is relevant to you:


You want to organize your existing or new courses in digital or online format, but don’t know where to start?


You already have a Moodle system, but don’t feel confident yet on how to use the different e-learning features?


You already have a Totara system, but want to be able to use the training management modules?


You find it more cost-effective to create e-learning materials from an internal resource, so you want to develop them yourself?


If you’re interested in what a good e-learning courseware looks like, how we make a process look like, what principles we follow when creating a courseware, what types of courseware you can choose from or if you’re just interested in the professional side of e-learning, then contact us by clicking on CONTACT or browse our posts!

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