Our services range from e-learning strategy development and goal formulation support to planning, development and analysis. Good training materials not only aim at knowledge transfer, it also puts information in context, creates motivation and makes learning an experience.

From start to finish

In the course of our work, we structure the information, address the target audience in an appropriate way, rework and unify the image, incorporate the elements that help effective learning in accordance with our good practices, and shape the source material into a fully finished form – keeping in mind our high quality standards all along the way.


If you are looking for a quick and cost effective solution, look no further! Take a look at our standard learning material, which combines our graphic, technological and methodological experiences accumulated over the years into a great starting point for developing any topic, be it about introducing insurance products or banking services, developing skills, work and fire protection, or even presenting a modern training plan for physical education classes.


Need an even faster solution? Is there a deadline approaching for a topic that is sure to have some kind of ready to go finished solution? We have such things too indeed!

As an instant, compact solution, we can also provide a platform for a complete training – that is, you will receive an educational interface where you can undertake the learning process, issue a certificate of completion of the training, and report on completion. In our experience, the following topics contain universal knowledge – in connection with these, you will probably only need minor modifications to our existing material:

GDPR tananyag

GDPR basics

IATF tananyag

IATF standard basics

Munka- és tűzvédelem tananyag

Work and fire protection


Do you want to provide development opportunities for your colleagues in different areas of competence? Would it be good to strengthen communication skills, debate culture, scheduling skills, project management skills, presentation techniques, teamwork, or leadership and organizational development competencies? We can help you with our instantly available skill development materials!


If you’re interested in what a good e-learning courseware looks like, how we make a process look like, what principles we follow when creating a courseware, what types of courseware you can choose from or if you’re just interested in the professional side of e-learning, then contact us by clicking on CONTACT or browse our posts!

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