Totara Implementation Made Easy: Essential Tips


Totara implementation requires professional assistance.
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Totara Learn, a popular and powerful learning management system (LMS), enjoys the trust of over 20 million users spanning 140 countries. Used by prominent companies like Nike, Walt Disney, Amazon, Pepsi, Samsung, and Deloitte, its modern learning solutions and extensive customization options make it an outstanding learning platform. However, setting up the system requires professional assistance. Learn more about Totara implementation!

What are the benefits of Totara?

Totara ranks among the top choices for LMS platforms, offering distinctive features for its users. Before delving into the implementation process, let’s take a quick look at some of its benefits.

Streamlined learning

Totara employs an ultramodern approach to e-learning, featuring a diverse array of learning modalities. Users have the flexibility to create learning materials within the app or utilize external resources such as PDFs, videos, and images. The learning platform is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, gamification enhances the learning experience, making it more enjoyable for all participants.

Versatile use

Are you seeking a tech solution that offers capabilities beyond basic e-learning functionalities? Totara got you covered! Its versatility goes beyond mere learning; it also plays a vital role in various other processes, including:

  • Onboarding procedures
  • Skill development
  • Company-wide compliance initiatives
  • Performance management
  • Fostering a coaching culture, and much more.

Customizable options

Totara customization empowers organizations to tailor the LMS to their unique needs, including:

  • Appearance: Organizations can customize the look of the learning platform, adjusting colors, logos, layout, front page, and more to align with their branding and preferences.
  • Localization: The LMS platform enables companies to modify the default language and time zone, ensuring that users can access the platform in their native language and time zone for enhanced usability.
  • Certificates: Totara allows for the creation of personalized certificates, automatically generated with user details and course information, giving a personalized touch to course completion acknowledgments.
  • Customizable user experience: Users have the flexibility to adjust language preferences, basic security settings, and other options, fostering a personalized user experience tailored to their preferences.
  • Navigation: Organizations can create customized navigation menus within the learning platform, further enhancing the user experience by providing intuitive navigation tailored to specific user needs.


Totara offers a variety of automation functions that streamline tasks related to internal training. One such function is automatic reporting, which schedules reports to be sent automatically to the appropriate managers at specified times. This feature significantly fastens and simplifies the reporting process, making it more cost-effective and efficient. Another key function is the dynamic, group membership-based course enrolment. Using this, if you can define for example a position or organization-based group, you can set up a completely automated process through which users can immediately reach the courses they need for their day-to-day job. Moreover, if you struggle with manually organizing courses which need to be repeated for example yearly, Totara has just what you need – a simple, notification-supported, automatic process archiving course completion.

Implementing Totara necessitates professional assistance.

Totara implementation: everything you need to know about the process

Totara implementation can refer to the process of replacing a different LMS with it, upgrading an existing Moodle system, or setting up a completely new system. While Totara is intuitive and user-friendly, the installation and initial setup process requires professional assistance. This is often carried out by a professional implementation support provider.

The Totara implementation process encompasses various tasks, including:

  • Gathering requirements to comprehend the organization’s exact needs.
  • Integrating with crucial systems such as the current HR system (like Nexon) or integrating data from a previous LMS.
  • Supporting organization members in developing learning materials and courses.
  • Educating organization members about Totara’s usage and functionality through interactive, practice-oriented workshops.
  • Testing and addressing potential bugs.
  • Customizing for the organization’s needs (e.g., design).
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection and information security policies.
  • Providing support for any future requests and the day-to-day use of the system.

Get professional assistance for Totara implementation

Are you in need of professional assistance for Totara implementation? Look no further! Our company is a Gold Alliance Partner of Totara, boasting over 10 years of experience in setting up e-learning solutions for companies.

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